Although largely taught and practiced as a secular technique, coaching is Biblical in origin and nature. From Genesis to Revelation God brings insight, momentum and power to help men and women realise and step into their divinely created purpose and potential.

And over the last decade Coaching has grown in presence and credibility in the workplace. In the UK 80% of companies surveyed employ coaching as a development tool with 95% of respondents reporting benefits to personal performance and 96% to organisational performance. (Institute of Leadership and Management May 2011).

For the Christian wishing to bring God more deeply into their work or service, coaching is a technique that flows naturally into this space. This is a powerful opportunity – and one we invite you to explore.

“Christian faith centred coaching brings coaching back to its roots in the Word of God. It’s the genuine article – beyond ‘positive thinking’ and towards the blueprint for our lives.” Carole Milligan, Director, Kingscompass

“What the Toolbox adds is the dimension I have always felt is missing from secular coaching, that is spiritual insight grounded in scripture. There has been an enrichment of my secular coaching practice……..I will be recommending this five session course as a personal development tool, or a tool to use in discipleship.” Colin Briffa, Probation Service