• How are you responding to the new economic reality whilst maintaining your organisation’s Christian distinctiveness?
  • How in today’s diverse and competitive world of work, do you confidentially express your Christian identity?
  • What difference does being a Christian organisation actually make?

We partner with leaders of Christian organisations seeking answers to these questions. Our bespoke Executive Team programmes seek to release the innate wisdom and hidden potential of all employed by spirit inspired organisations.

Drawing on practices from the ancient Christian spiritual traditions as well as more contemporary traditions and our own Christ centred models of coaching, we  invite you to extend the usual boundaries of organisational consulting and journey as leaders to a deeper place of engagement, to the core of organisational ‘being’, the wellspring of  ‘doing’.

Profoundly practical, we focus on helping energise the spirit of Christian faith based organisations, shape culture and equip employees with skills and approaches that address the real tension of balancing budgets with belief, legislation with the love and power of the Gospel, bringing a dogma and evangelistically free approach to Christian leaders with a heart for more.