The Christian Coach Toolbox Level 2 – ‘Deepening Practice’


Fee shows full and early bird discount for self funding individuals and participants funded by organisations of less than £1m gross turnover.



For those already familiar with the fundamentals of coaching technique, ‘The Christian Coach Toolbox (Level 2 – Deepening Practice’ )is an opportunity to develop or refine a Christian faith based approach to practice.

Through 12 on-line small group sessions you’ll explore:

  • The differences between secular and Christ centred coaching.
  • The overlap and distinction with Spiritual Direction.
  • CROSS methodology as a guide to a Christian faith based coaching conversation.
  • Tools and techniques drawn from scripture as well as ancient and contemporary Christian spiritual traditions.
  • Your personal approach to practice as a Christian faith based Coach for application in sacred or secular settings.

Some participants discover their own calling as a result of the course. Others release a renewed sense of authenticity into their style of management and leadership. All find the KingsCompass Coach Community a place of inspiration, enrichment and growth in God’s purposes for their lives.

“…… the dimension I have always felt is missing from secular coaching, that is spiritual insight grounded in scripture…. There has been an enrichment of my secular practice.” Colin Briffa, Probation Service.

This course is designed for:

  • Qualified coaches who are Christians wishing to develop or refine a Christian faith based approach to practice.
  • Managers and Executives with an understanding of coaching practice, who , for example, are using coaching as a style of management.

A Programme overview (including fees) can be downloaded  HERE.  Fees are tiered according to organisational size or self-funding participants with discounted rates for early bird joiners.

The University of Warwick recognises the programme towards entry for their Diploma and MA in coaching programme.

This is an annual course with limited numbers, so early application is recommended.

If you’re drawn to joining the course please prayerfully complete the joining form which can be downloaded HERE and then contact us for an informal no obligation conversation.

“Carole teaches us a way of working that s biblically sound, wise, gentle, respectful and challenging, that gets amazing results. “”Sean Kennedy, Founding Director of the Refuel Network, Personal Performance, Leadership and Life Purpose Coach.


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