Carole Rutherford - Milligan


Coaching Academy Licenced Trainer

Carole is a Christ centred Coach, Trainer and Facilitator. She has extensive senior leadership, change and people development experience in large UK charities as well as public sector organisations (Cancer Research UK, Barnardo’s, NHS).  Passionate about the transformational impact of coaching techniques on individual and team effectiveness and a Licenced Trainer of the Coaching Academy (2007) she founded ‘Kingscompass’ in September 2012 – a Kingdom Company with a mission to train Christians in a scripturally grounded and explicitly Christ centred approach to coaching and coaching conversations for both sacred and secular application. As an Executive Team Coach Carole helps senior leaders bring faith in Christ more deeply into the challenges and opportunities of organisational life and development.

Carole worships at Holy Trinity, Hatton in Warwickshire.


Leadership in a Christian organisation can be an awesome experience. It can also keep you up at night! Relationship management, multiple priorities, emerging opportunities, the loss or addition of team members can eat away at focus, effectiveness and enjoyment at work – as well as the faith filled inspiration that led you to serve there.

The focus of our work is:

  • Connecting personal faith with the challenges and choices of professional life and relationships (Christ Centred Coaching).
  • Strengthening team performance in a way that honours the Christian experience of all – as well as of those of other faiths and none.(Christ centred Team Coaching).
  • Equipping Christian staff and volunteers with skills to help each other do the above. (Training in Christ Centred Coaching skills – the really exciting part!).

No single approach is right for every leadership group, so through deep and careful listening Away Day and Enrichment Experiences are tailored to each and every client in response to where they sense God calling them – and sometimes further (that’s a God thing!).

Privileged to have served in some of the UK’s leading charities and Public sector organisations (Cancer Research UK, Barnardo’s, NHS) as well as working with international partners, I draw on a rich background of senior and volunteering leadership, and collaborate with a wide network of expert associates.

“Carole teaches us a way of working that is biblically sound, wise, gentle, respectful and challenging, that gets amazing results. “ Sean Kennedy, Founding Director, The Refuel Network.